“In Watkins’ slow-building haunted house novel, the new home that’s supposed to save a disintegrating family turns out to hold horrors from the past…The human drama and supernatural dread intertwine, and Watkins keeps the reader invested in Bill and Karen’s fates.” ~ PUBLISHERS’ WEEKLY

“Surprising twists and turns and a powerful old box filled with magic: these are the elements of a fine horror story that slowly builds its plot with believable protagonists and engrossing color. Any who like horror stories and gothic fiction will find Mateguas Island an exceptional read.” ~ D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“Watkins’ supernatural thriller, Mateguas Island, is an exciting and suspenseful story rich in Native American mythology and folklore….Add all these undercurrents of intrigue together and you get a fast-paced and unpredictable story that is both spooky and entertaining. Mateguas Island is an absorbing horror tale and is highly recommended.” ~READERS’ FAVORITE

“The author, Linda Watkins, brings a magical, edge-of-your-seat horror in the first book of her series, “Mateguas Island.” This is an engrossing tale that will captivate readers from start to finish, with remarkable character development and a thoroughly gripping plot….Watkins is a gifted author who creates believable characters and paints a story with every scene. This book is a must read!” ~ CHANTICLEER BOOK REVIEW

“Linda Watkins ‘Mateguas Island’ makes for a mesmerising read, well-crafted and deftly woven through with Native American folklore, poignancy and drama as well as a constant undercurrent of suspense, which hums throughout the whole sequence of events the Andersen family find themselves embroiled in…A truly exceptional book.” ~ Jim Goforth, Author of Plebs

“This has been one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. It would take pride of place on my bookshelf, and would be one of those books that I would read more than once.” ~ Jan Raymond, Author of Circle of Five

“Linda Watkins delivers a frightening read that only gains in intensity the further you dare to go. Building on a Native American Legend, Linda takes a simple cautionary figure and devilishly twist it into a macabre nightmare that any-one would be lucky to escape. The perfect read for those who take their wooded strolls with a dose of terror”  ~ H. William Ruback, Author of …the SHORT of it

“Like a Stephen King horror story, Watkins develops her characters in a normal setting, making us care intensely for their welfare by the time the terror starts.” ~ Clarissa Simmens “Drabarni” 

“Coming on like a classic and blending the finest elements of Amityville, The Wicker Man, and James Herbert’s “Magic Cottage”, this slick psychological horror transcends its genre to speak directly to the reader with a highly polished subtext.”  ~M. Sockel

“Wow! Oh my gosh, I am still holding my breath! An amazing read in every way.” ~ R. L. Black

“The plot is woven in best Gothic style, reminiscent of Bram Stoker and Edgar Allen Poe – magic spells and weird noises in the night, dark forests and evil spirits, storms and lightening and demons. But is this all in the imaginations of the characters? A cover-up for murder perhaps? The onset of schizophrenia? This book answers these questions as it grips you with a story that never lets go right up to the dramatic ending.
A great story with meaning and depth. Make yourself comfortable and prepare to enjoy a book that will haunt you!”  ~ Dayfish

“Mateguas Island is a crisp story for a stormy night when the house is creaking, rain is rattling on the window panes and you just know Something is Out There…” ~ J. Scott Payne, Author of Brought to Battle

“From the first goose bumps when you learn of the old Indian woman’s death to the final conclusion of this book, Linda Watkins keeps you mindful of that macabre presence waiting for you just beyond the shadows where things can and do turn do turn deadly.” ~ Steve LeBel, Author of  The Universe Builders

“MATEGUAS ISLAND will draw you into its world, page after page. Read it tonight after the sun sets and darkness grips your home.”  ~ Robert James Jackson, author of Moon Strike