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SECRETS, A Story of Love and Betrayal

Mateguas Island - Book 1 of 4

About This Book


Karen and Bill Andersen are living the “American Dream”. Beautiful and successful they seem to have everything until a foolish indiscretion on Bill’s part results in the loss of his job. Thus, begins the unraveling of their charmed existence. As their financial condition deteriorates, so does their relationship and Bill, keeping his misdeed a secret from Karen, becomes more and more consumed by guilt. Karen intuiting that he’s hiding something from her, becomes angry and bitter as the discord in the family escalates. In danger of losing their home and with her marriage crumbling around her, Karen must make a choice and, by doing so, has her own little secret – a secret that could eventually destroy them all.
SECRETS is the prequel to MATEGUAS ISLAND, A Novel of Terror & Suspense, available on Amazon in print and as an eBook.